Per-Vendor Patch-Finding Information

This page lists how to find and extract patches from various open source-providing vendors, such as distributors of Linux, *BSD, and other related operating systems. See the general Vendor information page for details on where to find security announcements.

When adding to this page, please include the following vendor information:

  1. how to find source packages for a given release
  2. how to extract a patch from a given version of software

As well, please keep this list in alphabetical order.

ALT Linux



  • Most patches for a given package can be found at Choose the repository, switch to the “tree” view and under packages/<category>/<package name>/files, you'll find any patches we apply.
  • Some packages require lots of patches, in which case patchsets in the form of tarballs are provided. These are usually referenced inside the respective exheres in DOWNLOADS.





Microsoft Linux Systems Group

MontaVista LLC

  • Access to product updates and fixes. (requires MontaVista account with a maintenance contract in place):
    • Pro 4.x, CGE 4.x, Mobilinux 4.1, Pro 5.0.24, CGE 5.1 and etc ( None MVL6 and cge 6 ).
      • Download updates using a web-browser or command line tool.
  • MVL6 and CGE 6
    • Use the Montavista command-line tool


  • Main source tree: 3rd party packages included in the main source tree have vendor branches allowing to extract local patches.
  • Ports tree: patches are stored in patches sub-directory of each port. The majority of ports tree security fixes are applied to the -stable branch for the last release e.g. OPENBSD_5_0.

OpenSUSE and SUSE Linux

  • Download this file using a web-browser or command-line tools like wget or curl.
  • The patches are part of the source-rpm file and can be extracted by one of the following ways:
    • rpm2cpio postgresql-8.2.6-0.1.src.rpm | cpio –make-directories –extract
    • alien -t postgresql-8.2.6-0.1.src.rpm && tar xvzf postgresql-8.2.6.tgz


  • CVSweb:
  • anoncvs (also available over SSH):
    • cvs -z3 -d co Owl/packages
  • native.tar.gz files (around 2 MB) are available off our FTP mirrors separately for each branch of Owl - these contain just our own stuff and patches to third-party software that we package (same as those available via CVSweb and anoncvs)


  • Workflow:
    • Go to Devel repository for the latest update (Go to Pardus 2007 repository for updates to older versions or backports of the fix)
    • Browse to the package name and click
    • You can see all applied patches and release history at the end of the page. =====

pkgsrc (NetBSD Packages Collection for multiple OS's incl. *Bsd, Linux, Solaris, OSX, etc.)

Red Hat


  • Browse to the package name (click on the “source” link under the correct package)
  • Choose the appropriate version. If you don't know the version, but want the latest version on a particular branch, choose the first link that contains that branch name.
  • Click “show files”
  • Click on a particular file to view its contents. Note that not all patches contained in the source are necessarily applied. To see which are applied, and under what conditions, look at the relevant addPatch() line in the recipe.


Wind River

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