Wiki hints for @editors

Below are some hints describing functionality that is available for the editor group.

Page move/rename

This Wiki uses the pagemove plugin to provide page move/rename functionality. To move/rename a page, editors can use one of the following two approaches:

  1. visit a Wiki page to be moved/renamed, click on the Admin button at the bottom of the page, on the Admin page click on the Page Move/Rename… link;
  2. add the following text at the end of the Wiki page URL in the browser location bar: '?do=admin&page=pagemove' and hit Enter.

As the result a page move/rename form will be displayed.

This functionality is currently unreliable/incomplete. Although an attempt is made to re-point any backlinks to the new page name and/or location, many backlinks may be missed. Also, the old URL is not turned into any form of redirect to the new one - rather it will display the usual “This topic does not exist yet” error, with no hint on where to find the moved page. There may be issues with lists of changes and old revisions, too.

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